Why I need a VPN?
VPN is virtual private network. It allows you to stay private, stay secure, and access any online content you want—no matter where you are.
Is it safe?
We use SSL to encrypt your internet data. Your data is undecipherable to prying eyes while in transit. Moreover, we do not collect, log, store, share any data log belonging to users, please feel safe to use our product.
How to use UnionVPN?
Click the "Connect" symbol button on the middle place of the home page. The please "Truse this application" if your debice asks for permission.
How to disconnect UnionVPN?
Click the same connect button on the home page to disconnect VPN.
How to switch server location?
Choose the location you want in the server list, then VPN will connect to the location you click (but we recommend you to connect with top server).
Don't have authority / Can't press OK to access websites or apps?
To avoid this problem, please close all apps that may be running in the background and open our app again. If it still dose not work for you, please contact us via [email protected]
Can't connect, not stable or speed is slow.
Connection problem is affected by many factors, please upgrade to the latest version, refresh the server list and connect to the top server for serval times. If it still dose not work for you, please contact us via [email protected] and provide us with your country and network provider name.
Can't find the server you want?
Please contact and provide us the detail website address that you want to unblock [email protected]. We will conllect your feedback and improve our product.
After unionvpn starts and connects successfully, which apps cannot be officially used?
Please use email immediately to give feedback on your country and the name of the successfully connected server node, and attach the name of the application APP that cannot be accessed normally, and send it to our professional solution team. We hope to get your help as soon as possible. For solutions, our professional customer support email: [email protected].
How to solve the problem of not being able to update the version?
Dear user, the version you are currently installing may be a cracked version of the APK, which prevents you from updating the version normally. Please download and install our app from official channels, Google play platform; If you have any questions, please contact our customer support email: [email protected].
How to get VIP status?
You can subscribe to the service in the app to enjoy advanced VIP services, or pay close attention to our operational activities and actively participate in activities to win free VIP rewards.
How to cancel a recurring payment?
In order to cancel the automatic renewal of your subscription, you need to go to the app store. You cannot cancel your subscription within the UnionVPN.
Do you log my data?
UnionVPN is a privacy-focused company that does not store activity logs or connection logs of our users. UnionVPN does collect minimal information about the usage of our services in order to identify and address technical issues, but this information cannot be used to connect you to any specific activity or behavior.